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FuboTV Reveals More Tailored Content and Personalized Targeting


FuboTV continues with its mission statement of delivering a new type of sports viewing experience that is tailored to the realities of the sports gambling age. To this end, the company is introducing the 2022 IAB NewFronts which will come with a unique targeting approach and essentially “follow the audience.”

More Tailored Content Comin to Fubo

This will include unique content distributed and created through the Fubo Sports Network and various successful programs, such as Getcha Popcorn Ready and R.J. Hampton’s original works.

The company is determined to elevate the on-demand tailored content to the next level, all possible thanks to the first-party data that fuboTV is able to collect and channel back into unique experiences for its audiences.

FuboTV is using a special model to assign audiences as “light,” “moderate,” or “heavy,” and provide these audiences with the desired content. The company argues that through the tailored content, advertisers will have a better opportunity to connect with the audiences they are after specifically.

Fubo is capable of identifying the desired audiences first-hand and assisting through its “first-party addressable, contextual, behavioral and demographic targeting capabilities.” FuboTV SVP of advertising sales Diana Horowitz has talked about how the company’s offer has improved and grown significantly over the past years, offering better targeting capabilities. She explained:

“FuboTV is equipped with more tools than ever before to help advertisers follow our audience across a wide range of premium content using our first-party addressable data. Not only can we target contextually and demographically, but we can also identify audiences based on viewership behavior and preferences to tailor campaigns to specific fans, no matter what type of content they’re watching.”

FuboTV SVP of advertising sales Diana Horowitz

Advertisers, Fans, and Sports All Stand to Benefit

This new feature comes just on time for the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Nations League set to commence in June. FuboTV has been able to acquire distribution rights just on time, and it also has the rights for the Premier League and Coppa Italia, two highly-cherished soccer events that will prove interesting to viewers in Canada and the United States.

More original programming and content are coming to the company’s TV network through the hard work of all people involved in the process. This includes programming executives and also active and retired athletes who are working hard to make this unique piece of content available to customers.

All of this is part of fuboTV’s broader effort to create а deeper interactive experience that will strike home with audiences and deliver on the exact experiences that they are particularly interested in. This tailored approach to broadcasting sports content is just one of the aspects of the available Fubo experience. The company also offers interactive sports wagering through hits dedicated to Fubo Sportsbook, which is another important vertical for the company it’s working on.

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