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GLI Africa Obtains Crucial Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment Certification


GLI Africa continues to expand its reach in the region, hoping to bring its know-how and expertise to more partners who are interested in running sports betting products in relevant jurisdictions currently covered by GLI’s Integrated Compliance Solutions. The company is committed to supporting customers along every step of the testing and compliance journey that allows local operators in Africa to operate a robust product that meets regulatory standards and can focus on sustainable and long-term growth.

GLI Expands Its Testing Capabilities with New Accreditation

GLI Africa already operates with SANA accreditation for Testing and Calibration Services (ISO/IEC17025) and has Inspection Services (ISO/IEC 17020). Both of these certifications have been available to the company for the past 20 years. Now, though, the company is also receiving a Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments part of ISO17025 accreditation.

This will result in an end-to-end service for customers who turn to GLI to have a full audit of their services done. GLI is in a particularly auspicious position and set to benefit from this certification as Information Security Management Systems testing is mandatory for betting operators in the region.

This is a requirement based on SANS1718 Part 4 Technical Standard and it mandates that all products must be subject to penetration testing and vulnerability assessment within 90 days of their launch date. Then, the same testing must be repeated every 12 months. Thanks to its new certification, GLI is now capable to provide partner businesses with the necessary standard testing.

Providing End-to-End Solutions for Customers

Welcoming the news, GLI Africa general manager Devon Dalbock said that GLI Africa remains confident to make the compliance and testing process for partner businesses simple and easy. He added:

For our clients to succeed, they need to comply with their regulatory and technical obligations, and by utilizing the global expertise of GLI and GLI’s Integrated Compliance Solutions, we can help our clients get to market faster while meeting all the necessary requirements.

GLI Africa general manager Devon Dalbock

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are particularly important to business clients and sports betting operators today, Dalbock confirmed and said that GLI Group companies now have the means to ensure that companies meet the required standards. The company’s standing in Africa has been growing exponentially with the company hitting a historic milestone of 100 employees based in the region.

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