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Scientific Games and Ecuador National Lottery Join Forces in New Agreement


International lottery systems producer and manager Scientific Games is expanding its relationship with the Ecuador National Lottery through a new partnership agreement with a term of ten years. The recently signed deal will see new lottery product offerings in Ecuador.

First-Time Launch of Electronic Draw Games in Ecuador

The recently signed 10-year deal between Scientific Games and the Ecuador National Lottery will bring the introduction of electronic draw games in Ecuador for the first time. These include various new products and technologies. For example, the Ecuador National Lottery will be taking advantage of a special system that will help integrate the control processes for instant game inventory. Innovative retail technologies will also be introduced and the lottery itself will be enriched with a new system.

John Schulz, President of Americas and Global Instant Products at Scientific Games, commented on the new partnership agreement with the Ecuador National Lottery:

Drawing upon our global experience with national lotteries, our goal is to support the Lottery’s retailer network expansion with our patented technologies to drive more profits for Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil’s social work.

John Schulz, President of Americas and Global Instant Products at Scientific Games

Jorge Medina, who is the general manager of the Ecuador National Lottery, was also very pleased with the recently expanded collaboration. He has elaborated that the new game offerings will bring higher revenue that will benefit social causes brought forward by the lottery’s operator, the non-profit organization Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil.

Earnings Will Go to a Major Ecuadorian Non-Profit

All profits that come from the newly introduced electronic draw games in Ecuador will go directly to the non-profit Junta de Beneficencia de Guayaquil. The organization, which started in 1888 and is one of the oldest non-profits in Ecuador, is a very prominent contributor in the country, working on various projects and causes within the education, health, and social sectors. Some of its more important activities are the building of several hospitals, various aid venues, and asylums. With the larger budget coming from the new games, the NGO is planning to expand its charity and social activities throughout the whole country in order to be able to reach more vulnerable people and those living in utter poverty.

Scientific Games is a US-based company acting on the global market and offering services and technologies to lotteries, casinos, sports betting operators, and other stakeholders in the gambling industry. The company is also a major producer of wide-ranging game content. Scientific Games’ commitment to responsible gaming makes it a very attractive partner for gambling operators, lotteries, and individual customers.

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