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Former Toronto City Official Suspected of Link with Illegal Gambling Ring


A former director of transportation operations and maintenance for the City of Toronto, Canada, is facing charges over his alleged participation in an illegal gambling ring. The man, identified with the initials K.P., was among 16 people, who were arrested back in April by law enforcement on suspicion of participating in an illegal bookmaking operation.

The police raids were conducted in several properties across Toronto, Vaughan and Scarborough. During the raids, law enforcement uncovered more than CA$250,000 ($183,500) in cash, as well as expensive jewelry. Assets also seized by law enforcement included illegal gambling machines and guns.

The former city official, who is 55 years old, faces several charges for his alleged participation in the illegal bookmaking operation, a report from The Toronto Star reveals. He is suspected of participating in a crime gambling ring while he was still employed by the City of Toronto.

The charges against the 55-year-old include improperly storing a firearm. He is also being accused of being in possession of proceeds from criminal activities in excess of CA$5,000 ($3,700).

Throughout his career, spanning more than three decades, the 55-year-old held a number of different positions with the City of Toronto. Back in December, the man retired after an extensive medical leave due to a heart condition.

However, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) suspected the former city official of participating in the illegal gambling ring “for the purpose of enhancing the ability of a criminal organization – namely, the Greek Syndicate – to commit an indictable offense,” while he was still employed by the city. Additionally, the RCMP claimed that the 55-year-old former city official was “close enough to the center of power in the organization to warrant the criminal organization charge.”

Illegal Gambling Ring Connected to Former Hells Angels Assassin

The illegal bookmaking operation the former city official is suspected of participating in was allegedly run by a former Hells Angels hitman identified with the initials P.C. The alleged ringleader has been hiding since 2018 when assassins tried to kill him on two separate occasions.

Those attacks came after an unsuccessful assassination attempt dating back to the summer of 2017. The former hitman for Hells Angels was previously convicted to nine years in prison back in 2006. This happened after a shooting resulted in one bystander victim being paralyzed. It is unclear whether RCMP currently has information on the whereabouts of the ringleader.

Brian Greenspan, the lawyer of the 55-year-old former City of Toronto official, said that his client denies any wrongdoing. The lawyer said that his client is after responding to “any suggestion of impropriety.” Finally, Greenspan explained: “As to the storage of firearms at his home, these were licensed and legal and stored in accordance with published guidelines provided by the RCMP.”

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