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Man Murdered Mate to Fuel a Short-Lived Gambling Trip


A man in the United Kingdom murdered his friend to take his money for gambling and drugs, the Mirror reports. Luckily, the police apprehended the wrongdoer who will now spend three decades in prison.

Domeradzki Killed His Friend for $2,441

The murderer is Lukas Domeradzki, a 35-year-old man with a love for gambling and drugs. The victim, Sebastian Zygmunt (also known as “Seba”), was a close friend of his.

The murder happened on the morning of June 8 when the two of them went to Zygmunt’s house after spending the night at another friend of theirs. Out of the blue, Domeradzki, armed with a concrete slab, attacked his friend, leading to the latter’s demise. The killer then entered the house and proceeded to steal Zygmunt’s money before running away. According to The Mirror, the money Domeradzki stole was some measly $2,441.

To make matters worse, Domeradzki even stole his friends’ clothing and mobile phone. The evil-doer even kept messaging Zygmunt’s girlfriend, reassuring her that everything is okay.

The Murderer Used the Money on a Short Gambling Trip

The money was allegedly Zygmunt’s savings for a vacation with his girlfriend. However, Domeradzki had other plans for it. He went on a short trip to Birmingham and Olton where he used the stolen money to fuel his passion for gambling. After that, he returned home.

Zygmunt’s body was found that same day and the police quickly checked the CCTV cameras. Although the moment Domeradzki murdered his friend wasn’t recorded, there was more than enough evidence to incriminate the criminal. Thanks to that footage, the police saw the murderer leaving his friend’s house dressed in the latter’s clothing and connected the dots.

Now that the police had a suspect, they sent the murder weapon for DNA analysis. In the end, the forensic specialists concluded that the one who used the slab to kill Zygmunt was indeed none other than Domeradzki.

Domeradzki appeared before the court. He admitted that he murdered Zygmunt while under the influence of drugs. However, the judge did not accept this as a mitigating circumstance and sentenced the killer to thirty years in prison.

In a different case, a British accountant went as far as stealing the home and savings of a man with learning disabilities. The accountant used the funds to fuel his crippling gambling addiction. Luckily, no one was injured in that case but the police are still working to restitute the fraud victim.  

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