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Fantasy operator Ultimate Odds completes seed funding round


The Sports and fantasy betting platform has announced its completion of its seed funding round as it looks to launch a fantasy sportsbook in 2022.

Ultimate Odds, a betting-themed fantasy sports platform, has been supported by Philadelphia-based entrepreneurs Justin Batushansky and Jonathan Bierig.

Other participants in the seed round include Seth Young, former PointsBet chief strategy officer, Benjie Cherniak and former managing director of Don Best Sports Quinton Singleton.

Additional supporters include Joey Levy, Stephen Jurgella and Seth Schorr.

In Ultimate Odds, traditional starting positions on a fantasy team are replaced with drafted bets – such as the moneyline or over/under for a certain game – and are played head-to-head against an opponent.

The winner of each contest is determined by which player has the longest calculated parlay odds based on their successful drafting and management of their roster of “bets” on a daily or weekly basis.

“We are thrilled with our seed investment team,” said Justin Batushansky and Jonathan Bierig, co-founders of Ultimate Odds. “Our investors understand there is a shortage of standout innovative and engaging games in the market. Ultimate Odds was created to bring the fantasy sports and sports betting world closer together because the players are often one and the same.”

Benjie Cherniak said he believed the project would have a particular appeal to modern sports fans.

“The Ultimate Odds experience is not only highly engaging but also differentiates from the pack, presenting a true competitive gaming experience within the fantasy and sports betting space. The offering is perfectly suited to an emerging generation of sports enthusiasts.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Ultimate Odds journey. The game concept is fantastic, and I love the company’s fresh approach to fan engagement,” said Seth Young, chief strategy officer at FSG Digital and managing partner at The Strategy Organisation.

“It’s unique, it’s compelling, it’s fun, and it also addresses a unique angle in the burgeoning affiliate market in the USA.”

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