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Betegy Names Eugenie Golovina Chief Marketing Officer


Betegy, a provider of content creation systems that turns sports data into engaging graphics, has reinforced its marketing team. The company has named the experienced Eugenie Golovina its new chief marketing officer.

Golovina Joined Betegy

Golovina has previously served as a senior communications specialist at the Ukrainian PR firm MAINSTREAM. After almost six years at the company, Golovina left the company and joined JKR Investment Group, an entrepreneurial investor that accelerates companies. She took various positions in the group, including PR officer, director of global communications and communications consultant. JKR Investment Group is a partner of Betegy which is how Golovina learned about the latter.

In her new position, Golovina will work to boost Betegy’s brand in both the United States in Europe. Her focus on the US will see her promote Betegy’s products in the broadcasting, casino and fantasy sports sectors. Golovina will be responsible for helping Betegy grow its global footprint and acquire influential allies.  The company is currently working together with many notable names in gambling, sports and esports, including EsportsTV, PokerGO, ShotTracker, Tipico and WSOP.

She Is Excited to Work for the Company

Alex Kornilov, the chief executive officer of Betegy, welcomed Golovina to the company. He noted that his team is always looking for innovative and ambitious people – a description that the new CMO fits perfectly. As part of JKR Investment, Golovina has already worked closely with Betegy, which is why Kornilov is convinced of her qualities.

The CEO concluded that the current period of intensive growth means that Betegy is always in need of qualified employees:

 It is a period of significant upscale for us, and we will always have space for hard-working, forward-thinking employees. We look forward to a number of exciting announcements in the near future and continuing our upwards trajectory.

Alex Kornilov, CEO, Betegy

Golovina also spoke about her new position. She said that her experience at JKR Investment has helped her get familiarized with Betegy. Golovina emphasized that Betegy’s team and product left her impressed, which is why she is excited to work for the company and promote its offerings.

As a true disruptor in the industry, Betegy is an incredibly ambitious brand, and I feel privileged to be a part of the continuing growth of the company. There are many exciting milestones hit together in the months coming and lots to look forward to in the roadmap.

Eugenie Golovina, CMO, Betegy

Golovina thanked JKR for promoting its employees to new positions within their portfolio.

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