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BGC Forecasts 15,000 New Tech Jobs in UK Gambling


Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council promised that the growing gambling industry will create 15,000 new tech jobs in five years. This comes as a part of the Leveling Up agenda that seeks to expand the local regulated market.

The BGC Expects 15,000 New Tech Jobs in the UK Gaming Sector

Professional analysts forecast that the UK gambling of tomorrow will be less London-centered than the current industry. Because of that, experts believe that job opportunities outside of the British capital will continue growing. This claim is based on current trends in the local market that show the industry keeps on expanding.

As of now, about two-thirds of the industry posts in the United Kingdom are based outside of London. There are currently 20,000 posts in the West Midlands alone. Meanwhile, the BGC works on establishing tech centers in places like Stoke and Leeds. The cities have 4,000 and 1,700 industry workers respectively.

Right now, the gambling sector has 10,000 people working in demanding tech jobs and supports 30,000 more posts. According to the BGC, this number will only keep on growing. It should be also noted that many of the new jobs will revolve around safer gambling, the Council believes.

The Council Wants to Make the Industry Understood and Respected

The aforementioned announcement came in the wake of a report by the Purpose Coalition that praised the BGC’s hard work. The Council, on the other hand, is glad to be able to work with the Coalition and is looking forward to leveling up the local market. The BGC hopes that there will be more job opportunities for highly skilled individuals in the retail, hospitality and tech sectors.  

Michael Dugher, the chief executive officer of Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council, shared his thoughts. He said that the BGC wants to polish the UK gambling sector and turn it into a world-class industry that is understandable and respectable. Notably, Dugher wants to make British gambling a “fully engaged member of the communities” in which it operates.

Speaking about the Purpose Coalition, its report will greatly help the BGC, Dugher added. According to him, it provides the Council with a solid framework to deliver measurable progress.

Jo Gideon, Stoke-on-Trent Central MP, lauded the Purpose Coalition’s report as something that helps to track how UK gaming levels up. She emphasized that members of the BGC, including Stoke-on-Trent’s bet365, are “providing high-skilled, good-quality jobs that provide excellent long-term career opportunities.”

Gideon added that post-pandemic Britain is in high need of responsible organizations that care for the local communities and provide quality job opportunities.

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