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Delasport Unveils an Improved Native App


Delasport, a software company for the sports betting and iGaming industry, has launched its new native app. The refreshed Delasport app includes a full sportsbook and casino experience and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Delasport Launched Its New App

What makes the new app special, according to Delasport, is its intuitive design that makes betting easier and more engaging. As with the company’s other products, the new app boasts a supreme UX design that enhances the betting experience.

Delasport said that the goal of the new app is to integrate its sportsbook, casino and associated player account management platform into a single mobile app. Thus, the company can bring a full betting experience to a mobile device. The new application provides everything that contemporary mobile devices can support with improved quality, faster speed and greater performance.

Not only does the new app offer an enhanced casino and sports betting experience, but it also has a superior level of personalization. Furthermore, the native app has built-in gamification elements that make everything more engaging and exciting. Thanks to the new app, players will be able to personalize their play time, complete missions, strive towards various rewards and participate in multiplayer cross-product tournaments.

Lastly, the new native app will come equipped with superior safety tools, such as biometric login and face recognition. Overall, bettors can expect to see a greatly improved version of the Delasport app.

The Company Is Proud of Its Work

Oren Cohen Shwartz, the chief executive officer of Delasport, spoke about the renewed app. He said that his team is proud of the changes it has implemented and is looking forward to hearing back from fans. Shwartz has no doubts that the intuitive design paired with speedy betting options and a personalized experience is going to be adored by fans.

Players will have the freedom to play at their convenience while ensuring that our partners remain competitive and forward-thinking.

Oren Cohen Shwartz, CEO, Delasport

It should be also noted that Delasport’s partners can use the app to connect with their players through the built-in notification tools.

2022 has been an eventful year for the software company. At the beginning of the year, the company introduced some changes and additions team. It welcomed Filippo Ferri as its new chief compliance officer and Ronnie O’Sullivan as an ambassador. In late February, the company teamed up with TV Global Enterprises, agreeing to power the company with its acclaimed solutions.

Later, Delasport successfully received a license to launch in Malta.

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