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Entain Unveils latest ESG Report, Highlights Key Achievements


The global sports betting and gaming group, Entain plc, released its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) 2021-2022 report Wednesday. In its report, the company pointed out key changes it has achieved related to regulated markets, corporate governance and responsible gaming.

The Company Achieves Safe Gaming, Social Governance Goals

The ESG report reaffirms Entain’s commitment to leading the industry in safer betting and gaming. One key goal for the company was the award of the Advanced Safer Gambling Standard it received by GamCare, the leading UK safer betting and gaming charity, last month. Moreover, the report points out Entain’s successful launch of the ARC player protection program within all of its UK online products. At the same time, the company plans to further expand the reach of the program with trials set for later this year.

Besides safer betting and gaming efforts, Entain completed goals related to corporate governance. The 2021-2022 ESG report highlighted the “implementation safer betting and gaming metric into the 2022 Group Bonus scheme, with customer satisfaction metric added for 2022 scheme.” At the same time, the recent report pointed out that 40% of the company’s Board is female.

Entain Remains Committed to ESG Goals

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, Entain’s CEO, acknowledged that the company continues to progress within key ESG areas. He explained that Entain remains fully committed to offering the safest gaming and betting platform, while at the same time supporting communities. Nygaard-Andersen pointed out that a key goal for Entain is to reduce the environmental impact which in turn will make the company the best place to work. In conclusion, he pointed out that Entain’s efforts toward ESG will ultimately help “create long-term, sustainable growth for all of our stakeholders.”

We are committed to providing the safest possible betting and gaming platform, taking a leading role in supporting the communities in which we operate, reducing our environmental impact and in doing so, making Entain the best place to work for all of our people.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen, CEO at Entain

Entain’s whitepaper reminded the launch of a multi-million-pound diversity and inclusion project called EnTrain. The innovative project seeks to reach 1 million people by 2023. On the other hand, Entain’s ESG report points out that more than 99% of the Group’s revenue in 2021 was collected from domestically regulated and regulated markets. To achieve this goal, the company noted an increase in the domestically regulated jurisdictions to 31. Last but not least, the report pointed out that Entain exited ten markets where the company didn’t see “a pathway to sustainable regulation through to Q1 2022.”

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