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HeadsUp Joins Forces with MetaVerse Vision Group


HeadsUp Entertainment, a global media and entertainment company has inked a partnership with the UAE-based MetaVerse Vision Group FZE LLC. The deal will see the two partners work on a new brand under the ownership of the former company.

The Partners Launched HeadsUp Ventures

The new subsidiary’s name is HeadsUp Ventures FZ UAE. Notably, the new brand will seek to “monetize numerous opportunities and contracts under the strategic alignment of industry leaders.” As per the deal, HeadsUp owns 49% of the HeadsUp Ventures shares.

The new brand has already opened several offices in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Hence, it is ready to capitalize on the new developments in the quickly-growing digital market and beyond.

HeadsUp Ventures wasted no time getting to work and has already rolled out its very first product. Thanks to a deal with the platform partner Tokonomika and its Beat My Team Euro NFTational Tournament, HeadsUp Ventures released a new collection of sports-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company plans to launch more sports-oriented NFT offerings in the future.

Furthermore, HeadsUp Ventures’ management team was quick to expand its presence by signing a critical deal. Thanks to a recent agreement, the new subsidiary will operate a whole lottery operation in Africa.

HeadsUp Is Optimistic about the New Brand’s Success

The conjoined work of HeadsUp Entertainment and Metaverse Vision is reinforced by the closeness of the two companies’ teams. Ola Lind, the chief principal of the latter company, has been an associate of Mark Hutchinson, HeadsUp Entertainment’’s chief business director, for 15 years. Lind is also an experienced individual with a long experience in the global lottery and gambling industries.

A HeadsUp spokesperson said that the new subsidiary is expecting some pretty substantial revenues. According to the announcement, forecasts expect HeadsUp Ventures’ business portfolio to contribute a lot to the group’s overall financial results.

HeadsUp is now well-positioned for a global expansion, which is expected to speed up its core strategy. The group plans to continue increasing its shareholder value while still exploring the potential of the new developments in the digital sector.

Meanwhile, the UAE continues to be an attractive destination for major companies with an interest in technology. For example, the country has been increasingly welcoming to esports and digital forms of competition.

Some emirates in the UAE are currently considering legalizing gambling. Sadly, Dubai recently said that it doesn’t plan to do so in the near future. Ras Al Khaimah, on the other hand, is much more welcoming to the industry. The latter emirate is precisely where the juggernaut Wynn Resorts vowed to build a multibillion-dollar resort. In May, the company reasserted its intentions and hired professional architects to plan out the venue.

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