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Reset App Allows Victorian Bettors to Be in Control


Bettors in the state of Victoria, Australia, have another tool to help them keep their gambling habits in check. Thanks to a new app, local punters can get in control of their spending behavior and prevent gambling harm.

Reset Provides the Help Victorian Bettors Need

The application is called Reset and provides a much-needed self-help option to those who cannot or are afraid to seek professional help. It was developed by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – an organization that supports people affected by gambling harm. The Victorian government fueled the development of Reset by providing a $142,000 grant to the Foundation.

Melissa Horne, the minister for consumer affairs, gaming and liquor regulation, spoke about the new tool. She said that it is crucial to combat gambling harm, which is why an app like Reset is a must.

We understand the importance of minimizing gambling harm and ensuring all Victorians have access to the help they need – this app is another way we’re supporting people at risk of problematic gambling behavior.

Melissa Horne, minister for consumer affairs, gaming and liquor regulation

Horne added that such self-help tools are a great alternative to traditional counseling methods. According to her, many are afraid to seek professional help because of the stigma related to gambling addiction.

The App Works, Tests Show

Experts tested the Reset app clinically and have proven it to work, the Victorian government claims. According to tests, it works both as a stand-alone therapy and as an additional tool that users can pair with in-person counseling.

Reset’s approach is based on professional research by the Deakin University in Melbourne. Because of that, it uses a cognitive behavioral therapy algorithm that finds the causes behind people’s spending problems.

Shane Lucas, the chief executive officer of the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation elaborated:

The Reset app is an important addition to our suite of gambling harm treatment and support options and uses evidence-based best practice to mirror the experience of, or interventions used in, a counseling setting.

Shane Lucas, CEO, Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation

“Reset How You Think about Gambling”

Thanks to the new tool, Victorian punters can become more introspective of their habits – the first step to dealing with them. In essence, Reset app allows users to track their gambling behavior and see how much they spend. Furthermore, it provides bettors with insights into their spending patterns and gives tips and strategies on how to get their playtime under control.

By using Reset, players can set milestones and work towards them. The app also allows players to participate in various challenges and activities. The latter help to curb bettors’ urges and teach people how to prevent spontaneous gambling sprees.

The Reset app comes at a time when responsible gaming is increasingly important to a healthy gambling sector. With each passing day, the industry realizes that customer safety is the key to prolonged sustainability.

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