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Stanleybet Group Confirms Plans for Rebranding


Stanleybet Group is a company with a rich history, considering its launch back in 1958 as a bookmaker. Much has changed over the last 65 years, and the company grew from a bookmaker to a leading consolidated group that currently offers virtual gaming options and continues to expand its presence.

On Monday, Stanleybet confirmed that it plans to go through a rebranding process, marking the first such initiative in its rich history. While some iGaming operators prefer rather drastic changes, this is not the case for the leading Group, which confirmed it plans to “restyle” its existing brand in Europe. Part of the changes is expected to feature “temporary inclusion of new colors, to honor historical events.” This rebranding process is in line with the company’s ideals and goals and plans to boost its adaptability and dynamic.

Ivan Fantasia, Stanleybet’s head of brand, marketing and communications, explained that the marketing team explored different options for the rebranding, some bold, while others, conservative. He explained that upon careful evaluation and discussion, a rebranding approach was selected which in its final version may not appear as a significant change for people that know the brand.

The diagonal ‘cut’ that divides the token symbolizes the balance between tradition and innovation. The slope of that cut has now been set at 18 degrees, along with the slope of the Stanleybet trademark letters.

Ivan Fantasia, head of brand, marketing and communications for the Stanleybet Group

Fantasia added that the change of the angle symbolizes the legal gambling age, and at the same time, supports positive connotations for prosperity, luck and strength. He said that the color of the background logo will recognize historically significant events.

Since we first considered the rebranding, the goal has been to continue to embody the Group’s core values – Strength, Dynamism and Balance – while responding to the changes in the industry and, more generally, to new styles and trends used to convey a message.

Giovanni Garrisi, CEO of the Stanleybet Group

Giovanni Garrisi, Stanleybet’s CEO, added that the rebranding complements the core values of the company that include balance, dynamism and strength. In conclusion, he said that the rebranding seeks to match the new trends within the industry while at the same time following Stanleybet’s core values.

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