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The Gambling Industry Celebrates LGBT Pride Month


June is LGBT Pride Month and this is one of the best news you will hear. The gambling industry has long realized that we are strong, because of our unique personalities and diversity. As a result, our industry has come together to support a just cause that stands for human dignity, equality, and self-affirmation.

Today, our industry sends a clear message that the LGBTQ community is an integral part of who we are and what we do and without our valued team members, we would not be here today. But it is not just about celebrating the cause, it’s about making active steps towards boosting awareness about the LGBTQ community, and that’s what’s important.

Our industry is adding to the voice of this awareness. We acknowledge that much more needs to be done, but there is no shortage of good examples. Protecting team members but also creating checks and balances to safeguard our customer base, are all vital parts of this commitment.

There are numerous good examples in our industry of companies who openly and encouragingly endorse the cause and have changed their logos with the rainbow colors, a globally-recognized symbol of the LGBTQ community. At GamblingNews we have decided to also help spread the word out, and have joined a number of respected brands in the space. Among them is William Hill, one of the oldest and most respected iGaming and sports betting brands, and DAZN, a streaming and video-on-demand platform.

Other studios celebrating the month and the cause include Relax Gaming Ltd and Yggdrasil Gaming Ltd. They are joined by iTech Media and NetGaming, a respected and innovation-driven iGaming game developer, among many other businesses that have doubled down on their commitment to our cherished consumers and team members. The gambling industry has no doubt discovered renewed strength in its diversity. Commenting on this month, Pride 365 chief executive officer Jack Mizel said:

Pride 365 are Global partners of InterPride and have a single mission to make the world more inclusive for the LGBT community all year round. We are going to be taking the message to Pride in London 50th anniversary marching alongside our growing list of Inclusive Partners. 1.5 million people are estimated to attend, though we all know it will most likely be far more now the restrictions are over.

We are seeing an increasing amount of gaming companies take more initiative with the LGBT+ community, whether through showing the Pride colors across their website to new and exciting initiatives to make things more equitable and fair. We encourage all progress and see it as a positive step forward, however it should be the first of many progressive steps they take to make the world a better place.

Pride 365 chief executive officer Jack Mizel

The role that the gambling industry plays in introducing Pride Month to the broader public is one that we all should be proud of, but much hard work remains to be done and it would take all of our collective efforts to wake up in a world where our diversity is a source of universal strength and where our identities are recognized and appreciated.  

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