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Brazilian Lawyers Come Together to Give Gambling Industry a Push


Brazil is still trying to get a good firm hold of gambling in the country and pass all necessary laws to ensure that the country has a working industry. Over the past five-or-so years, lawmakers have been hard at it, trying to figure out a framework that would allow sports gambling, along with other activities, to exist in the country. Strong forays have already been made, but momentum has stalled in recent weeks.

Brazil’s New Lawyer Initiative Seeks Solutions for Gambling

Some, though, are taking up the call and the Brazilian Association of State Lawyers has announced the formation of the Special Commission on Sports, Lotteries, and Entertainment Law, an initiative to help steer legislative and regulatory decisions when it comes to creating a working gambling industry framework.

This initiative will seek to work with the Federal District of the Order of Attorneys of Brazil and the Federal Council, which together, should see some progress made in pressing on with plans to regulate and legalize sports gambling in the country.

Brazilian Association of State Lawyers head Luciano Bandeira has elected Paulo Horn as the head of the new commission which should help steer the country towards the specific gambling laws it needs. Horn is expected to remain in his position until the end of 2024.

As part of his tenure, he will push for a better business environment in the country directly linked to the industry. Brazil wants to see thousands of new jobs and significant overseas capital coming to bolster the local economy as a result of the untapped betting and gambling market in the country. While more initiative is shown in establishing a working gambling industry, the Senate has been dragging its feet.

Right now, the legislative body is seeking public input on what ordinary Brazilians and stakeholders think about the legalization of sports gambling in the country. The survey is based on Bill 2648/2019 which is the most successful draft law so far that seeks to launch the industry in the foreseeable future. It has been in the making for at least three years officially and it’s now with the Committee on Regional Development and Tourism.

It still needs to be passed by the Upper House to get it closer to realization. Much is still up in the air when it comes to Brazil’s sports betting industry and as such, there are some qualms that tardiness is hurting the country’s immense potential when it comes to sports betting.

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