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KSA Reminded Affiliates They Should Follow Regulations


The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA, the Dutch gambling regulator) has issued warnings to 50 affiliate sites. The authority is not happy that some of the gambling advertisements send people to an operator’s website even when this may not be the customers’ intention.

The KSA Believes Affiliates Are Negligent of the Rules

The KSA contacted a number of affiliate sites, sending letters with the Netherlands’ standards on gambling advertisement. The regulator emphasized that it does not like that some online ads trick people into going to an operator’s site. In general, the KSA refers to hyperlinks whose placement tricks people into clicking on them.

Usually, such advertisements are scattered across the main text on various sites. They often invite customers to play by tempting them with bonuses and promotional offers. This is a type of advertisement that is forbidden by the Netherlands standards and is in breach of the KSA’s regulations.

The KSA also warned affiliate websites that they are to only advertise operators that hold a license in the Netherlands. If affiliates recommend illegal sites to local bettors, the KSA might issue fines.

Affiliates Should Also Comply with the Regulations

However, the problem is that affiliate sites are not always familiar or compliant with a country’s regulations on gambling ads. Because of this, the KSA wants affiliate websites to learn about the local rules, lest they receive fines.

The Dutch regulator listed its criteria when it contacted the affiliates and reminded them of some rules that they should know. First of all, ads should target only people who are older than 24 and should never target kids or young adults. Second, all ads should be clearly distinguishable as ads. Lastly, it should be always clear what site is the affiliate is advertising.

This continues the Netherlands’ tradition of being strict when it comes to upholding its gambling rules. The Dutch watchdog has remained vigilant ever since the re-regulated market launched on October 1. Since then, the KSA wasted no effort in curbing illegal operators and reprimanding those who do not obey the rules. The authority always keeps reminding operators and other related companies to follow the rules and has warned that regulations might become stricter if companies try to exploit them.

Thanks to its constant efforts, the KSA has succeeded in maintaining an impressively healthy gambling market. In fact, the regulator hopes that illegal gambling will completely disappear from the country.

One of the latest operators to feel the KSA’s wrath was Mr Green. It tried to appeal a fine imposed by the regulator but The Hague judges dismissed the operator’s pleas.

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