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Nepal Blocks Access to Illegal Crypto and Gambling Sites


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The Nepal Telecommunications Authority or NTA has begun a broader crackdown on a number of websites, particularly those focusing on illegal economic activities. The company which regulates the technology and telecommunications sector has limited access to a number of websites that have to do with cryptocurrencies, online gambling, or hyper networking.

Illegal Crypto and Gambling Targeted by Nepal

The NTA has argued that such websites have no license to operate legally in Nepal and have as a result been blacklisted. Consumers are urged to step forward and tip the watchdog about any such websites that continue to operate despite a prohibition to do so. The NTA is also working with ISPs to ensure that websites are blocked and not accessible with Nepalese IPs.

Furthermore, the government has cautioned anyone who wishes to participate in illegal businesses prohibited by the NTA and warned that such people may find themselves in legal trouble. Nepal has decided to act on solid evidence that citizens are engaging in networking, cryptocurrencies, and gambling in large numbers without any oversight that exposed their data and privacy to criminals.

Nepalese citizens living abroad have chosen to invest in such options as well, slashing remittances back to the country. The NTA has clamped down on all virtual currencies and online gambling operations as they are not officially allowed by the regulator or existing laws. The regulator’s announced ban on such websites is just the first step in the broader regulatory framework planned by the NTA.

Nepal Prepared before Seeking to Ban the Illegal Websites

The watchdog will further help with enforcement action and seek to limit the pernicious effects of those activities. Nepalese citizens will come under bigger scrutiny when attempting to deal with cryptocurrencies and the NTA will work with the Central Investigation Bureau of the Nepal Police to make sure that people involved in the proliferation of such illegal services are brought to justice.

The NTA previously compiled a list of websites to be blocked and worked on optimizing its techniques to track and act against illegal operators and is now stepping up its game by taking enforcement action against them.

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