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New Danish electronic ID scheme to launch in July


Denmark’s Gaming Authority (Spillemyndigheden) has announced the new MitID national electronic ID scheme will launch in the country on 1 July this year.

MitID will replace NemID, the online verification solution used by almost all Danish citizens since 2010 to log into online banking; communicate with public authorities; and prove their identity for digital services such as online gambling.

All licensees will be required to switch to MitID, an updated variant that has been developed in partnership between the public and private sectors. 

Spillemyndigheden said operators will be able to use both MitID and NemID for customer identification for a short period until the latter is phased out, allowing them time to implement the required changes.

The MitID identification system will apply to all licensed online sports betting and online casino activity in Denmark.

MitID was first announced in June 2020 when Spillemyndigheden urged licensed gambling operators to prepare for changes to the national identification scheme.

The new-look scheme was due to launch in May 2021 but was delayed by more than 12 months until the middle of this year.

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