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TRLEI’s New Board Denies Forceful Takeover Allegations


Tiger Resort, Leisure and Entertainment Inc’s new board has insisted that the transition of power was peaceful and it denied all allegations that it took control of the Okada Manila operator by force. The Kazuo Okada team added on Thursday that the group was welcomed well and assisted by the security team.

TRLEI Stated Last Week That Kazuo Okada’s Team Violently Took Control

At the end of May, TRLEI released a statement in which it described how violently Okada’s group took control of the company. It used brute force to intimidate key officers and make them leave the property.

According to the statement, the group was led by Tonyboy Cojuangco, Florencio Herrera III and Dindo Espeleta. They came in with 50 private officers and guards and a Paranaque City regional trial court sheriff. They stormed the building claiming that they had a court order but failed to show it.

To make things even worse, TRLEI even stated that as a part of the violent act, several other officers were injured and Hajime Tokuda, a Universal Entertainment director, was kidnapped. Universal Entertainment even accused PAGCOR of corruption and abuse of power in the situation, however, the Philippine regulator denied these allegations.

Back then, the company even stated that there’s a strong legal basis to revoke or reconsider the Status Quo Ante Order and that Okada’s removal from the company is valid. Additionally, TRLEI stated that prior to his removal, Okada had just one share of stock in the company.

Kazuo Okada Group Claims That No Violence Occurred

Kazuo Okada Group responded to these claims on Thursday by saying that this is just a narrative by the former management team of TRLEI. The new management group added that the former board tried to cause a scene by taking their phones out and filming video selfies to look frenzied.

The Group stated that even though Tokuda stated that this was among the “most traumatic events” in his life, that was not the case as he calmly handed over his ID and office keys. Additionally, the new board denied kidnapping Tokuda.

Okada’s statement went on to say that TRLEI’s head of security Mike Waite, tried to convince Tokuda to leave the premises, but instead, Tokuda conducted an illegal meeting with his lawyers. After being politely asked to leave on several occasions, he had to be removed from the premises. According to the new management team, everything was fine until the old management’s lawyers showed up.

The new management group concluded by saying that nothing illegal happened and that the resort of force was minimal and only because it was caused by the lawyers of the former management team and Tokuda himself. The final note stated that the business is in a good place as borders are opening and the Kazuo Okada Group will make sure that the company continues to grow.

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