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7 Best Euro 2024 Betting Promos from Top Sports Betting Apps, Including FanDuel & DraftKings


Euro 2024 is an ongoing soccer tournament among the European national teams to declare a European champion. The action continues into the weekend with multiple matches every day available for wager on all major sportsbooks.

If you are new to betting or looking for a new book to sign-up with, check out our list of current welcome promos among the biggest sportsbooks across the country.

1. FanDuel

FanDuel promo code: no code necessary

FanDuel recently updated its welcome promos so that 20 of the sports betting states can find a national offer while Massachusetts and Ohio can find an enhanced version. We’ll walk through each promo and how to get started.

Bet $5, Get $200 if your first bet wins + daily boosts/bonus

You’ll need at least a $10 deposit and $5 bet on any type of bet you prefer within FanDuel. Next, the promo plays out depending on how your bet settles.

  • Win — A win profits cash, returns your stake and provides the $200 of bonus bets within 72 hours
  • Miss — This is treated like a typical losing bet within a sportsbook and your stake goes to the house

The FanDuel bonus bets are treated like currency that can be used within the app but cannot be withdrawn since they aren’t cash. You can use them to fund wagers for potential cash if the bet hits.


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Bet $5, Get $300 if your first bet wins (MA & OH)

This promo is nearly identical to the national FanDuel offer and the fundamentals of the promo are the same. The key difference for new Massachusetts and Ohio bettors is that a winning $5 bet earns $300 in bonus bets rather than $200 in most states.

2. DraftKings

DraftKings promo code: no code necessary

DraftKings provides one of the easiest first bet offers around that only requires a new account, a $5 deposit and wager to get started. After submitting your $5 wager, you instantly earn $150 in bonus bets.

Next, depending on the bet outcome, you can also profit if your bet hits. Since there is no market or odds requirement, you can pick a favorite for a better chance at winning and therefore lowering the upfront cost of the promo.

You’ll have seven days to use the bonus funds within the DraftKings mobile app for a chance to convert the bonus bets to cash through a winning bet.

3. BetMGM

BetMGM bonus code: SHNEWS1600 or HANDLETOP

BetMGM is the first sportsbook on our list that provides the choice between two offers upon sign-up as a new customer. However, while most states qualify, New York is excluded from both promos.

SHNEWS1600 – 20% deposit match

This is one of the only deposit match offers currently available among top sports betting sites.  You’ll need at least a $10 deposit to start triggering the sports bonus; however, it’s entirely up to you on how much to deposit as long as you meet the minimum threshold of $10.

After depositing and earning the bonus, you’ll need to meet a wagering requirement that’s 10x the bonus earned within 30 days. For example, a $500 deposit that earns $100 in bonus would require $1,000 in total cash bets in the time frame in order to access any cash winnings in your account.

HANDLETOP – $1.5K first bet insurance

You’ll find many first bet insurance offers on this page. However, BetMGM has the highest value coverage at $1,500 and only requires a $10 deposit and cash bet to get started.

Let’s say I made a +131 Euro 2024 parlay for Portugal and Belgium to win their Saturday matches and staked $500.

  • A win would profit $655 and return my $500 stake. My account would now have $1,155 in cash that can be used on other wagers or withdrawn.
  • A miss would be reimbursed with $500 of bonus bets

Since my wager in the example is over $50, BetMGM would send me five payments of $100 bonus bets to equal my $500 loss. I then have seven days to use these bonus bet chunks on wagers within BetMGM.

4. bet365

bet365 bonus code: SHNEWS (valid for both offers)

You can use the bonus code SHNEWS to activate one of the following promos in these bet365 states: Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Virginia.

$1,000 First Bet Safety Net

bet365 offers another first bet insurance up to $1,000 in bonus bets. While the value may not be as high as BetMGM, there are a few upsides to bet365.

First, if your bet misses, bonus bets hit your account within an hour of bet settlement. This is the fastest bonus bet turnaround you’ll find among the books on this page.

Just like FanDuel, these bonus bets are not deposited in chunks but rather like currency. That means they can be split however you prefer across multiple wagers at a chance for cash.

Bet $5, Get $150

Meanwhile, this bet/get promo can be extremely high value but comes with a few requirements. You’ll need a new account with the bonus code SHNEWS, a minimum $10 deposit and at least $5 on -500 or greater odds.

This means I can still pick a favorite among the Saturday Euro 2024 slate such as Portugal -175 over Turkey.

If I win, I profit cash and the $150 in bonus bets. Conversely, a miss still earns the bonus bets within an hour of bet settlement.

No matter the outcome, I have seven days to use the $150 in bonus bets to fund wagers throughout bet365 for potential cash.


ESPN BET promo code: SHNEWS

ESPN BET is the product of media giant ESPN and has rapidly expanded across 18 states. Just like many on this list, ESPN BET provides a $1,000 first bet insurance for new customers in any location.

ESPN BET stands out with an exceptional user interface, good pricing on odds and some great props options, especially for live betting.

You’ll need a new account, manually apply the promo code SHNEWS (required by ESPN BET), a minimum $10 deposit and a cash bet of any size. A win profits cash while a loss is reimbursed via bonus bets to use within seven days.

6. Fanatics Sportsbook

Fanatics Sportsbook promo code: no code necessary

The Fanatics Sportsbook promos are unique and 20 states can find the national offer while Ohio users will find a different promo.

$200 daily bonus bet match for five straight days

You’ll need to opt-in each day and place a bet of any size on -200 or greater odds. No matter how the bet settles, you earn a bonus bet match up to a maximum $200 on that particular day.

Each day works the same, starting with the account opt-in and the first bet following the odds restriction. It’s entirely up to you on how much to wager and you can profit some cash along the way if your bets hit.

It’s OK to skip a day of betting with no penalty or forfeiting any bonus bets earned. If you skip a day, it just means you can’t earn bonus bets on that particular day.

Bet and get up to $1,000 in bonus bets over 10 days (Ohio)

The Ohio offer is structured the same with a longer time of 10 days vs. five days. Additionally, the Ohio offer only matches up to $100 in bonus bets per day vs. $200 in all other locations.

Everything else is the same: The daily opt-in in your account followed by a bet of any size on -200 or greater odds such as a -110 spread or +150 dog.

7. Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook promo code: HANDLENEWS1000

We round out the list with one more first bet insurance. Caesars requires a new account along with a minimum $10 deposit and wager.

The mechanics of this promo works the same as the other first bet insurances on this list. However, the bonus bet payout differs a bit.

You can earn a single bonus bet chunk that equals your stake loss; however, this bonus bet chunk cannot be split across multiple wagers. So, if I wager $100 and lose, earning a $100 bonus bet chunk, I must use the bonus bet on a $100 wager.

The good news is you’ll have 14 days to decide on how to use the bonus bet chunk, should your first bet miss. Otherwise, if you won the first bet, you have cash in your account that can be withdrawn or used across other wagers on the Caesars platform.


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