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Aaron Rodgers, V.P. Candidate Would Crush Jets’ Odds


On Tuesday, March 26, in Oakland, California, Robert Kennedy Jr. will announce his pick for vice president.

According to a New York Times report, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (also a Navy veteran, former member of the Mongols motorcycle gang, and WWE personality) is on the short list.

So is current New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers (who is a Super Bowl winner, alleged Sandy Hook denier, and current ayahuasca devotee).

For what it’s worth, Kennedy confirmed the report. Also falling under the “for what it’s worth” banner: Rodgers went to high school in Chico, just a few hours north of Oakland.

All of a sudden, it appears as if (potential future Secretary of Defense) Pat McAfee’s favorite paid guest is a serious contender to run for vice president and end up on a debate stage with Vice President Kamala Harris and whoever Donald Trump picks.

This is … well, this is probably status quo for the state of American Politics in 2024, but sheesh – Aaron Rodgers? 

Yep. Aaron Rodgers. Can’t wait to see Lin-Manuel Miranda turn this into a musical.

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Remember the Jets!

Of course, there’s more at stake here than just the fate of western civilization. Rodgers running for VP might also affect the New York Jets.

After all, Rodgers would probably have to step away from the team in order to mount this – ahem – sure-to-be-successful campaign. And if he does? What happens at America’s sportsbooks?

Even with Aaron Rodgers coming off a major injury, his impact on the Jets’ odds would be massive if he retired in order to pursue politics,” Marc Ostapchuk, an NFL Trader at Fanatics Sportsbook, told me. “The Jets are currently +2700 to win the Super Bowl and we would move them all the way to the +15000 range – even with Tyrod Taylor presumably taking over the starting role – with the likes of the Patriots, Titans, Commanders and Giants.” 

But what about that vaunted Jets defense?

“The AFC is a brutal gauntlet and it would be extremely tough to stay competitive given how historically poor the offense was without Rodgers last season,” Ostapchuk said. “The whole team is built around Rodgers, so him leaving would really set them back, possibly to the point where they blow the whole team up.” 

Currently at PredictIt, Kennedy-to-win shares can be bought for six cents (to be settled at a dollar or zero). Former President Trump is the slight favorite in the prediction market, with his shares trading at 48 cents to President Joe Biden’s 46 cents.

At BetMGM UK, Trump is the -118 favorite (favourite?), Biden is at +175, and RFK Jr. is +3000 – which is below Michele Obama (+2000) and Gavin Newsom (+2500), but safely ahead of Kanye West, Joe Rogan, and Chelsea Clinton, all at +50000.

This world is crazy.

Where have you gone, Jack Kemp? A nation turns its lonely, ayahuasca-enlarged pupils to you.

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