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Get A Grip — The Week In Sports Betting: Phil, Kentucky, And Mass


It’s information overload everywhere, and there’s not time enough to sleep and eat and stay fully apprised of what’s happening on this crazy blue dot of ours (two out of three ain’t bad). Here’s the weekend Sports Handle item, “Get a Grip,” recapping the week’s top U.S. sports betting stories, highlighting some fresh news, and rounding up key stories. 

Top stories around our network this week

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows in the sports betting world, and this week provided some good examples.

While revenue was strong in Pennsylvania and Illinois in April, it took a nosedive in Louisiana and overall handle also took a hit in Michigan (although it was a significant improvement over last April).

There were also ample controversies to report on this week, and although they may not qualify as full-blown scandals, they’re not … great.

Phil has been having a rough go of it

Biography reveals some of Mickelson’s risky sports betting habits

Gary McCord tells tales of betting with Mickelson during PGA Tour play


Steve Wynn’s accused of lobbying Trump administration on behalf of Chinese government

Man accidentally receives COVID relief money, blows it gambling online

ICasino player stole identities to create 187 phony accounts and claim bonuses

Polarizing Portnoy at it again

Controversy ensues after sports bettor gets limited with odds changed at Barstool retail book

Minnesota slipping away

Significant obstacles remain for Minnesota sports betting bill

The waiting game

Maryland bettors are growing frustrated waiting for online wagering to begin

Ohio commission announces plan to reveal universal start date on June 1

Kansas regulators work to launch sports wagering as soon as possible

It’s Preakness week, hon!

Preakness still packs a punch without Kentucky Derby winner

How have fillies fared in the Preakness?

Our staff horseplayers have a longshot play and some interesting exotics to consider at Pimlico

Complications in Kentucky

Rep. Adam Koenig, who has spearheaded the legislative effort to legalize sports betting in Kentucky for several sessions, lost his bid for reelection in Tuesday’s Republican primary to Steven Doan. He was one of three prominent House members in the state who lost out to challengers from the “Liberty Caucus.”

What does that mean for the sports betting movement in Kentucky, considering Koenig’s bill got out of the House for the first time in 2022 but died in Senate committee? Lawmakers are mum for now, and while Koenig declined to indicate House members who might take over, he still found an optimistic tone in defeat. Koenig has served in the Kentucky House since 2007.

“We’ve shown sports betting is wildly popular in Kentucky, and I think someone will pick up the mantle and run with it,” Koenig told Sports Handle. “And who knows, maybe they’ll be better at it than me, and I’ll be OK with that if it passes, as long as they invite me the day they open.”

Mass madness continues

The American Gaming Association on Thursday sent a letter to Massachusetts lawmakers urging them to allow wagering on all college sports, agree on a “reasonable” tax rate, and rethink the “excessive” restrictions on advertising and marketing that are part of a bill that has been sent to conference committee in an effort to find a consensus.

Also on Thursday, Sens. Eric Lessor, Patrick O’Connor, and Michael Rodrigues were appointed to the conference committee, after the House on Tuesday failed to concur with the Senate version of the bill and the Senate then insisted its amended version be accepted.

The bill, now H 3933, would allow for statewide mobile wagering, but the chambers haven’t agreed on a tax rate, whether to allow wagering on all college sports, and other details. Reps. Aaron Michlewitz, David Muradian, and Jerald Parisella were appointed this week as House members of the conference committee.

— Jill R. Dorson

NFL contests offering more money, options

Circa Sports announced this week that it will increase the prize money for its Million IV and Survivor NFL contests to $12 million, up from $11 million last season. Both contests have a $1,000 entry fee.

Among other changes, according to the Las Vegas Journal-Review, is that in the Circa Survival contest, players are only eligible for the $1 million undefeated bonus if they do not pick a 2022 Super Bowl competitor (Rams, Bengals) in any week.

Registration for this season’s contests opened Tuesday, and players can register in person at the Golden Gate, D Las Vegas, Circa, Tuscany, or The Pass. Those not residing in Nevada can enter and make weekly picks via local proxy.

SuperBook, which runs the SuperContests, will offer 12 ways to win in its contests and will also increase the number of in-season contests. Bettors will be able to participate in the full-season SuperContest or first- or second-half contests, each of which lasts nine weeks. SuperBook will offer a total of 11 in-season contests. In addition, the SuperContest Gold and Reboot will also be back.

SuperBook expects to open registration July 1.

— Jill R. Dorson

Colorado tweaks budget, reissues licenses

The Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission on Thursday voted to increase the state’s wagering budget by about $9,640 to cover increased vehicle costs as the state moves to electric vehicles. It also reissued vendor major licenses for Deck Prism, Amelco, and Banach Technology, as well as about three dozen vendor minor licenses.

Division of Gaming Director Dan Hartman also updated a legislative change that extends the sunset date on wagering from five years to 10 years. According to a source, the state legislature reviews most divisions in the state on a regular basis.

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