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SportsQuack Latest Fantasy Sports Company To Leave Customers Hanging


Another fantasy sports operator has shuttered while allegedly leaving frustrated customers in the dark as to whether they will be able to recover their funds. 

Fantasy sports operator SportsQuack announced it was closing over the weekend. Shortly thereafter, customers took to social media in frustration over alleged uncertainty regarding their funds. 

SportsQuack’s Twitter account has been locked, and its Discord account has been wiped. 

Details on SportsQuack

SportsQuack was available in 24 states and Washington DC, and played by more than 50,000 people in the US, according to the operator’s official website.

Based in Atlanta, the company claimed it provided an “Effortless Daily Fantasy Sports” experience.  

The operator was formerly called SportsBattle before changing to SportsQuack four months ago, according to its LinkedIn page. 

Fantasy sports CEO facing lawsuit

Meanwhile, SportsQuack founder and CTO Phani Gundamraj is facing a recent lawsuit in the form of a collections action from a merchant cash-advance company. 

The lawsuit, filed by Ibex Advance Group LLC in Connecticut Superior Court, alleges that Gundamraj has not paid back nearly $180,000

Gundamraj has not responded to multiple messages over the last two days from LSR seeking comment. 

Message from fantasy sports operator

On May 17, a user posted a message on a fantasy sports Discord from SportsQuack that was sent to customers. 

The message said the operator was putting a “pause” on all operations due to the “changing regulatory environment.” 

“Users with remaining balances will be refunded and we have already started the process of refunding to respective accounts,” the message read. “This will take some time and we appreciate your patience while these refunds are processed.” 

Customers left in the dark on funds

Several customers, however, have not received any updates regarding refunds. 

As a result, they have taken to social media to vent. A handful of other fantasy apps including No House Advantage have shuttered in recent months as wel.

Customer on Reddit: ‘I am beyond disappointed …’

A couple of customers on a Reddit thread claim they are owed four-figure balances. 

“If anyone hears an update about the app or the withdrawal process, please post it,” one Reddit user wrote. “I can’t believe the app would keep running deposit matches when their financial troubles didn’t just happen overnight. They have handled this exceptionally poorly, not even announcing the public on any social media platform or through the app itself. 

“I am beyond disappointed this was my favorite DFS site, but the abundance of promos was, in fact, too good to be true. I hope they can make this right because if people don’t get compensated, it will be unethical and flat-out scummy to a great community.” 

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