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B2B Gaming acquires Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino


B2B Gaming has acquired both cryptocurrency-based software provider Asia Live Tech and its “sister company” Start Live Casino.

Under the deal, B2B Gaming will take full ownership of all the intellectual property, games, systems, and properties of both Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino.

The offerings of both businesses will be rebranded as part of B2B gaming, “to ensure there is no confusion among customers”. Meanwhile, the corporate websites of both Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino will redirect to B2B Gaming’s official website at

In a joint statement, the businesses reassured clients that its offering would continue to grow under the new ownership.

“We deeply care about you and wish our clients continuous growth and more success in the years to come. You are in safe hands with B2B Gaming and will for sure have more offerings to avail in the days to come,” they said.

Staff at both businesses will be retained, except for members of upper management, who will enter a six month transition period before leaving the business.

“ALT and SLC have expressed good wishes to them for their next ventures and thanked them for their commitment over the years in developing both Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino into internationally renowned companies,” Asia Live Tech and Start Live Casino said.

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