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IC360 Launches New Platform To Report Betting Harassment


Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) announced the launch of Alert360 on Tuesday, a platform aimed at giving players, coaches, trainers, officials, and other individuals an easy way to report harassment without fear of retaliation.

The platform, which was created in partnership with RealResponse, launches as harassment continues to be a topic of discussion in the sports betting industry. The NCAA is among the organizations concerned with athlete harassment, pushing legislative and regulatory changes in hopes of reducing online and in-person harassment directed at players from angry sports bettors.

Alert360 is a tip line that allows organizations to customize their respective portal. For example, a school or conference could use Alert360 to create messaging and marketing specific to their institution. The product can also be rebranded by the institution, adding another layer of customization that could make it more appealing to potential users.

“The implementation of Alert360, powered by RealResponse, is another example of how we help our partners to stay one step ahead,” IC360’s CEO Matthew Holt said in a press release. “An anonymous tip can help limit and prevent acts or threats of physical and emotional harm or intimidation while thwarting attempts to undermine the integrity of sports competitions.”

Another IC360, RealResponse creation

The new platform builds upon previous product launches from IC360 and RealResponse.

Among their joint creations is Athlete Alert, a national tip line that accepts reports of gambling-related problems such as harassment or match fixing. Among its uses, Athlete Alert data helps IC360 explain to legislators and regulators the current harassment dangers facing athletes.

Alert360 seemingly builds on Athlete Alert, allowing organizations the ability to customize the platform to better fit its unique needs. Additionally, while Athlete Alert is only monitored by IC360 employees, it’s possible for Alert360 to be jointly monitored by IC360 and an organization’s employees.

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“It’s critical to offer new and innovative ways for people to share concerns without the fear of reprisal,” stated David Chadwick, Founder and CEO, RealResponse. “The rise of legalized sports betting has led to both expected and unexpected challenges. We simply cannot take chances when it comes to integrity, protecting our athletes, and ensuring competition remains free from manipulation or outside influence.”

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